Mountain Lamb Products from Weiz

The Weiz mountain country extends over Weiz and Naas, where the sheep are kept in small flocks and eat spicy grasses and herbs on high pastures in the summer and hay in winter.

The natural food and great care are the basics for the first-class raw products.


Weizer Mountain Lamb: 41 products


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Farmers in and around Weiz produce excellent food in the picturesque countryside. 

The delicately spicy flavor of the meat and the full aroma of the sheep's milk and sheep's milk products from the Weiz highlands are unique. Used for steak and Schnitzel meat, grilled sausages, ham, milk, yoghurt and cheese offer enjoyment for everyone. In addition to the delicious milk and digestible meat, sheep also provide a real miracle fiber: wool! Wool is pollution-free and skin friendly. You can easily color and mix wool with other fibers, it is crease resistant and elastic and is made into fashionable clothes and accessories.