Horseradish g.g.A. from Styria

The traditional growing area for Styrian horseradish is in the southeastern part of Styria. It is grown in Radkersburg, Feldbach, Leibnitz, Deutschlandsberg, Voitsberg, the Graz vicinity, and Weiz, Hartberg and Fürstenfeld. The predominant Illyrian climate with its high humidity and high temperatures provides the Styrian horseradish PGI with excellent growing conditions.

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About one hundred farms on 300 hectares produce this typical Styrian delicacy.

However, it is not only the environment that ensures the quality of the Styrian horseradish. The heavy, deep loam soil prevalent in Styria not only ensures for optimal development, it also gives the Styrian horseradish its sharpness. 

Even at home, the fresh horseradish can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for a long time. Horseradish can be enjoyed freshly grated for a snack. For creative cooks, it can be used for first and second courses, side dishes, spreads and salads.