Austrian Sauwald Potatoes

The Sauwald is located between Passau and Schlögen. Airy, barren soils give the potatoes that grow there their maximum maturity and their perfect taste.

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The gentle, rounded forms of the Haugstein mountain extends 900 meters into the air. Unspoiled nature, a magnificent panoramic view of the Dachstein mountains are a sight to see. Natural, honest, and progressive people characterize the region. The veteran weathered soils of the Sauwald have always offered an optimal basis for growing the most tasty potatoes at about 600 meters above sea level. Airy, barren soil, largely freed of harsh winter pests and pathogens and favored by mild summers, gives the tuber its maximum maturity and its perfect taste. Quality before quantity has always been the motto of the Sauwald farmers.