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This particular special fruit comes from an old Styrian pear variety. Larger stocks are only available in the Pöllau Valley - thanks to the foresight of the farmers. The trees, mostly planted in rows or in orchards, can be up to 200 years old.

For centuries, the Hirschbirne has dominated the Pöllauer valley where it forms the basis for the local apple pear wine. 

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The Hirschbirne requires patience, but rewards it. The first pears can only be harvested after the tree is about 10 years old, however, the highest crop yields come around the age of 20 years. A tree may bear fruit well into the age of 200 years.

Noteworthy are the tree's durability, insensitivity to frost, the very high yield, and the good transportability and shelf life of the fruit. For ages the Hirschbirne has been processed into wine, brandies and vitamin-rich Kletzen (dried pears). Some farmers produce a single variety of  Hirschbirne vinegar, which is distinguished by its unique taste. Hirschbirne juice, jams and jellies are produced. Due to the diverse landscape and traditional farming the Pöllau Valley, in 1983 the area was awarded the title "Nature Park". With this title, the region represents exemplary sustainable development in the fields of natural conservation, recreation, education and regional development.