Herbs from the Mühlviertl

The Mühlviertler mountain herbs grow in the gently rolling countryside of the Mühlviertel located at around 500 to 900 meters above sea level.

Far away from industrial  major transport routes, traditionally grown tea, spices and herbs, such as peppermint, lemon balm and calendula thrive. The high quality plants grown in small fields are organically grown, without the use of chemicals.

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The correct choice of plants, the location, careful processing and strict quality control contribute to the incomparable flavor of the herbs. A wide variety of herbs, teas and spices invite you to enjoy.

In the municipality of Hirschbach you'll find the headquarters of the Mühlviertel Bergkräuter. The Tourist Association in Hirschbach operates a 13 km long mountain trail with a herbal learning trail. A highlight of this trail is undoubtedly the garden found at 800 meters above sea level. This herb garden is called Abraham's Courtyard. The farmer keeps delicious herbal juices and herbal punches ready for weary hikers.