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The Leithaberg region has been known as the Cherry Blossom Region for many years. Every year in April in the white blossoms appear on the regions thousands of cherry trees.

The cherry blossom region is a colorful region, with an old cultural landscape, that lies at an altitude of about 400 meters. It is located in northern Burgenland.

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The climate of the area is significantly influenced by Lake Neusiedl, which acts as a giant heat storage unit. .

The region includes the municipalities Donnerskirchen, Purbach, Breitenbrunn, Winden and Jois.

Cherry growing in the region can be traced back several centuries. More than 15 different cherry varieties can now be found around the region of Leithaberg. To ensure the preservation of these numerous, special cherry varieties and to prevent extinction, farmers particularly encourage replanting in the region.