Austrian Gailtal Mountain Cheese and Bacon (PDO)

Cheese production has a long tradition in the Gailtal Valley. The cheer production once served as a way to make the Alpine milk freshly obtained durable and storable. Those looking for true bacon, will find it here, where the spicy mountain air mixes with southern winds. Smoked and hung, it reflects the character of the Carinthia Region: pithy and down to earth.

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This tradition of cheesemaking has both been kept and improved. Cheese is produced on 14 different pastures of the Gailtal valley. The cheese is so special, that the name is protected. The taste of these cheeses is incomparable and has won multiple international awards. The cheese makes place great emphasis on quality of their cheese production, from keeping the animals on the lush pastures, to the milking, milk maturation process and the cheeses themselves. Responsibility and quality for people and nature - that is what characterized the Gailtal cheeses.

The Gailtaler Bacon PGI is not just a specialty - it is a companion. The EU-protected name represents the classic red color and the snow-white fat. It has a mild, salty, well pronounced smoky meat taste that is slightly spicy. The bacon from the Gail Valley is firm with a tender bite and is crumbly on the tongue.