Rotwild & Frischling Duck Leg

Feast of the Barbary Duck

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • French Barbary Duck
  • Aromatically Flavored
  • Ready to eat in 15 minutes

  • Refined by Region

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Duck leg, gently cooked according to our sous vide method, seasoned with orange and lemon pepper. Finish the duck legs for 15 minutes with hot air at 230 ° and be entranced.

Preparation for fan oven:

Preheat convection oven to 235 ° C
Place duck leg on an oven tray
Coat the skin with a little olive oil as desired
In the oven, cook at 235 ° C for about 13-15 min. complete until the skin is cracked open
- Depending on the oven, time and temperature can vary slightly

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