Rotwild & Frischling Döllerers Lammhaxerl - Lamb Leg

Perfect for Stew

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  • Dreamlike, Crumbly Texture
  • Enjoyable in 15-20 Minutes
  • Refined with Aromatic Herbs

  • Refined by Region


The Lammerhaxerl is wonderfully crumbly and tender. Refined and finished with aromatic herb lamb jus!

The idea:

Andreas Döllerer, at Gault Millau, À la carte and falstaff with the highest honors, considered top chef Golling, together with Rotwild & Frischling, creates sous vide delights with the finest sauces. Of course, without flavor enhancers and prepared with the know-how of one of the best kitchen crews in the country.

Preparation by water bath & frying pan:

Remove the pot of water from the stove well before boiling (ideally 65 ° C). Add the meat, in the closed vacuum bag for about 20 minutes, to the water bath (or combi steamer).
Meanwhile, open the sauce pouch, drain into a pot and warm slowly
Remove the lamb from the bag and place in the warm sauce
Stir as required, ready!

Preparation for fan oven:

Preheat fan oven to 230 ° C
Take the Lambhaxerl out of the bag, dab it with a paper towel and place it on a baking tray
Roast in the oven, with circulating air at temperature of 230 ° C, for about 15 min - depending on the oven time may vary.
In the meantime, open the sauce pouch, drain into a saucepan and warm slowly until the lamb is complete.

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