My Jausnbrettl Pine Serving Board

With fine white grooves

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • High quality wood
  • Temperature resistant adhesive

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About the boards:

  • All serving boards are unique. Minor changes in production do not mean defects or lack of quality.
  • The serving boards are subject to strict guidelines of internal quality management with regard to the quality of the wood, but also to general bonding and construction.


  • We've all experienced what happens when you put a cutting board in the dishwasher- the hot water dissolves the adhesives keeping it together, and the cutting board falls apart. This does not happen with these cutting boards. The boards are generally equipped with a temperature-resistant glue, more specifically a high-strength glue and are not only tested for water resistance, but are also food safe. We do however, recommend that you hand wash the boards.

Tips for use:

  • Can be used with any meal
  • Gently clean after each use.
  • Dry after washing, so that each side dries at the same speed, so that the water doesn't cause warping. The board can also be leaned up against something to dry.
  • If the board starts to lose its shape, dry only on the convex side, so that it begins to regain your shape
  • I hate it when you put me in the dishwasher.
  • You can also oil the board from time to time (use linseed oil, beeswax, olive oil, almond oil ...). The oil is good for the surface.
  • The more gentle you treat me, the longer I last.
  • Incidentally - discolouration by food / juices / liquids ... can occur, but usually disappears after washing.

Caring for your serving board:

  • Wood is a porous and hygroscopic material and is therefore absorbent. Dry carefully.
  • The highest antibacterial effect of all tested indigenous species of wood is found in pinewood, which is offered in our assortment. Pinewood in general has an antibacterial effect. This is also the reason why the boards do not have a treated surface, and why they are each different in design.

My Jausnbrettl

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