The Perfect Grilled Meat

The Perfect Grilled Meat

It's just wonderful when summer comes around, you can enjoy balmy evenings on the terrace or in the garden. That's the time when we get the grill out. And there again is the wonderful scent of grilled delicacies in the air, which together with salads and side dishes offer a simple, but epicurean taste experience that is second to none.

A perfect barbecue experience depends on the choice of meat. It forms the foundation on which the other building blocks such as spices or marinades build on. If you go wrong, even the best condiments cannot really help you.

Which meat?

Basically, that's good news, every meat can be barbecued. At least here, you can let its preferences run free and choose between beef, veal, pork, lamb or poultry.

What needs to be considered

When buying the meat, there are still a few things to consider, if you want to make the grilling pleasure as perfect as possible.

  • Trust
    Always buy meat from butchers you know. Quality and freshness are the cornerstones.
  • Highest quality
    Grilled meats are available in all price ranges. For the highest enjoyment, you should only buy high-quality grilled meat. Sounds logical, but it is implemented less often than you would think.
  • Deliciously marbled
    Marbled meat is the most delicious. If the meat is permeated with fine fatty fibres, it remains juicy when grilling. In addition, fat is an important flavor carrier, which makes the meat taste better. (By the way, the fatty fibres disappear during grilling, but the taste remains.)
  • Freshness is key
    The cut surfaces of the meat should be dry and bright. If the meat is pale, sticky or has already lost some meat juice, the quality is not good. Especially poultry, but also veal and pork should be fresh. For beef or lamb, well-matured meat is better because it is crumbly and the taste more harmonious.
  • Against the fibre
    Only buy meat that has been cut against the fiber. This is an absolute must, otherwise, the meat will not tender when grilling.
  • The right thickness
    Grill meat should always be at least finger-thick. If it is too thin, it will be dry when grilling.

If you follow these tips, you can not go wrong with your next grilled meat purchase. If you do not have the time to do so, you can also find fresh produce for barbecuing in our shop on GenussRegion. Of course, these specialties are only available in the best Austrian quality. Here is our selection.