Styrian Scarlet Runner Beans

Styrian Scarlet Runner Beans

In Styria, the perfect conditions prevail for the cultivation of Scarlet Runner Beans. They've been grown for centuries in this fertile region! 

The Styrian Scarlet Runner Bean is an essential part of Styrian cuisine, and has just as solid of a place at the table as the Pumpkin Seed Oil. The Scarlet Runner Beans are from southern Styria, where they are grown. 


Beans are among the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Originally from Central America, they came to Europe around the 16th century. At that time the scarlet runner beans also found their way to Austria. Due to their origins, they need certain the warm climate of southern Styria to grow. This warm weather influenced by the Illyrian climate. The soil texture is also optimal for growing beans.

Since the 19th century, the Scarlet Runner Bean has been farmed in Styria. It was very popular because of its long shelf life and healthy properties. Today the beans are usually grown together with corn since they need a supporting plant.

Healthy Values

The runner beans are a powerhouse of nutrition and are made up of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. They are also low in fat. The beans contain vitamin B in high concentration as well as vitamins A and C. In addition, they are rich in the trace elements manganese and selenium, as well as the minerals calcium, iron and sodium. They also have cholesterol and blood pressure lowering properties.

Preparation tips

They beans can only be eaten cooked; they must not be eaten raw. To prepare them, simply wash them off and soak them in cold water for around 12 hours. When the beans have swelled in the water, they can be cooked.

The beans can be used for sweet and savory dishes. For salads the water is salted before cooking, whereas it is sweetened if you are using the beans for deserts. 

The beans should be cooked for about 2 hours.