Schilcherland: The first partner region of the Genuss Region

Schilcherland: The first partner region of the Genuss Region

Schilcherland was honoured in 2015 as the first partner region of the GenussRegion Austria. And not without reason: in Schilcherland, there are numerous regional delicacies, which are made with great care.

Good from my region

Since the award, the products of the Schilcherland can adorn themselves with the brand "Gutes aus meiner Region". This brand, so to speak, kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it meets the growing demand for food with a regional origin, and on the other hand, there are many producers in all regions who produce high-quality products, but these are not the lead product (eg Wachau apricots or Southeast Styrian runner beans) , The brand "Gutes aus meiner Region" takes these other quality products into account. The products that carry this brand are characterized by

  • Climate-friendly products with short transport routes
  • Freshness
  • Origin-assured raw materials
  • Traditional processing
  • Family run businesses
  • Regional feed

Regular checks ensure compliance with these requirements and consumers can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Delicacies from the Schilcherland

The Schilcherland is located in the southwest of Styria and is characterized by rolling hills, cultivated vineyards and charming villages that invite you to wander and enjoy. And to enjoy there is a lot, starting with the eponymous Schilcher.


The Schilcher is one of the oldest wines of Central Europe and typical of this region. It is obtained from the torrent grape, which finds optimal soil conditions in the southwest of Styria. Schilcher is a true rosé wine, which is described as dry, fresh, slightly sour and fruity.

In Schilcherland, there is not only the Schilcher. West Styria is one of the three winegrowing regions of Styria. Therefore you will find in Schilcherland other excellent wines, such as yellow Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling or Chardonnay. Click here for our wine and sparkling wine offer from Schilcherland.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Of course, real Styrian pumpkin seed oil should not be missing. This is obtained from the Styrian pumpkin, which is cultivated in many fields in Schilcherland and then processed by the pumpkin farmers. Here you will find pumpkin products from West Styria.

Specialties from the farm

There are many farms in southwestern Styria and they produce all sorts of delicacies. Among them are meat and spread specialties , various herbal teas , pasta and honey and jams .