Pumpkin seeds: How much spermidine do they contain?

Pumpkin seeds: How much spermidine do they contain?

Spermidine is an endogenous substance that is very good for your health. Pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of it. You can find out exactly how much here.

What is spermidine?

Spermidine is an endogenous substance that occurs as a polyamine in every human body cell. This substance is produced by our body in order to activate autophagy, i.e. the self-cleaning of the cells, in which waste materials are removed.

Unfortunately, the spermidine production of the body decreases significantly in old age, which is why it makes sense to supply the substance in another way - via nutrition. Spermidine can be found in various concentrations in fruits, vegetables and even cheese and meat. In fact, humans ingest around two-thirds of spermidine through food, and one third is produced in-house. People who eat a spermidine-rich diet remain fitter in old age and have fewer age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and live an average of five years longer.

Foods rich in spermidine

There are many foods that contain spermidine. These include broccoli, mango, peas or mushrooms. Research on spermidine is still relatively young, which is why the spermidine content of all foods is not yet known. According to the current state of research, four foods that reach a three-digit milligram content per kilogram are really outstanding in terms of spermidine content:

  • Wheat germ 243 mg / kg
  • Dried soybeans 207 (JPN) / 128 (DEU) mg / kg
  • Cheddar cheese, matured for 1 year 199 mg / kg
  • Pumpkin seeds 104 mg / kg

Pumpkin seeds from Steirerkraft: high spermidine content

The Styrian company Steirerkraft had eleven scientific studies with different pumpkin seed samples carried out by an independent, accredited laboratory. It was found that the Styrian pumpkin seeds contain an average of 10.4 mg spermidine per 100 grams.

So the next time you fancy a snack in between, choose Steirerkraft's pumpkin seeds. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also healthy.

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