Potato Gulasch, Poppy Pesto, Venison Chili ... Simple Austrian Fast Food!

Local instead of global, local foods are more popular than ever. We are more and more interested in where our fruits, our vegetables, our dairy and our meat comes from. We want to know how these products were produced, we want to know how the animals were fed and we want to know how vegan foods are grown. Not only that, but we have less and less time to worry about how to cook these local foods.

What could be better than fast food that is also healthy? Healthy food should be quick to prepare and also taste good. To support our local farmers and markets, we need some help. The prices of apartments in the city keeps going up, and our cities keep getting more and more crowded. The more people able to make a living in the country, the better!

What does that have to do with our daily menus though? The kids want something quick, simple and filling. Spelt noodles? Vegetarian pesto or sauce? Zesty pumpkin seed pesto , a wild garlic pesto , a tomato sauce- or a sweet poppy pesto, Genuss Region has a lot of delicious, locally produced solutions, so you can eat healthy, cook well and still support Austrian farmers.

Even for an adult evening, Genuss Region has plenty to offer. Lamb stew or deer chili, along with our many types of pasta sauces...the selection is many fold!

We offer products that can be consumed with a clear conscience! Think "local instead of global" enjoy saving the planet by saving the energy it usually takes to import food from around the world. Enjoy our regional treasures and support our green regions! Not only are you doing good, you're eating well, and that is a solution that is delicious!