Pestos: Deliciously Savory Mixtures

Pestos: Deliciously Savory Mixtures

Pesto makes a quick and tasty noodle dish, and today there is a wider choice of pestos available than ever before. Don't limit yourself just to noodles, these pestos can be used creatively for a versatile taste experience!

If pesto is uncooked, it adds a silky, textured consistency to pasta. As the name suggests, pesto is originally from Italy. The term comes from the Italian word "pestare", which translates to "pound".

A long tradition and unknown origin

The now classic pesto comes from the Liguria region of Italy.  Pesto was first mentioned in writing in 1863, although its history goes back far longer. This specialty most likely based on Roman predecessors, but the real ancestor of pesto is unknown.

There is a theory that pestos evolved as a modification to the Roman seasoning sauce garum in the Middle Ages. Garum sauce was made from fermented fish mixed with fish viscera and brine. The Romans were crazy about it.

Whether or not this theory is true, like all theories about the origin of pesto, it no longer verifiable.

Pestos first became internationally known after the Second World War and were not popular until much later. Frank Sinatra was responsible for one boom in pesto's popularity, as he began to advertise pesto sauces in the beginning of the 90's-

Variety & quality?

Today, many different products can be called pestos. The term is not protected, or limited to one location or origin. Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of products produced from classical or modern recipes that really deserve the name "pesto".

Still, diversity does not necessarily mean high quality. Many pestos are manufactured with raw materials that are much cheaper than the classically expensive raw materials originally used. The new cheaper alternatives have a similar flavor, but may lack the integrity of the original recipe. Relatively expensive pine nuts, for example, are often replaced with cashews. 

At Genuss Region, you'll find a wide array of different pestos, all made from high-quality ingredients with a distinct and delicious taste. From wild garlic and poppy seed pesto to pumpkinseed pesto, you'll find something for everyone's tastes. 

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