Genussregionen: GenussRegion Gailtaler Almkäse g.U. / Gailtaler Speck g.g.A.

Genussregionen: GenussRegion Gailtaler Almkäse g.U. / Gailtaler Speck g.g.A.

The Carinthian Gail Valley is home to two pleasure regions. Let's take a closer look.

The Gail Valley

Located in the southwest of Carinthia, the Gailtal stands for a centuries-old uninterrupted management of alpine pastures. This created a unique cultural landscape that has survived to this day. Located at the foot of the Carinthian Alps, the valley floor extends to the Gailtal Alps in the north and ends at Villach.

Not only tourists appreciate the quiet, picturesque valley, but also all friends of good taste and special delicacies.

Gailtaler Almkäse PDO

The Gailtal naturally has a long tradition of cheese making with its pastures. The dairies used to have the task of preserving fresh milk and making it storable. The winters were long and hard so nothing could be wasted. The tradition of cheese production has been preserved in the Gail Valley until the 21st century, which is why today we have the privilege to enjoy very delicious cheeses. The Alpine connoisseurs of the Gail Valley produce an incomparable cheese on fourteen pastures. In addition, also Almschotten is produced. This is another very great speciality that is made from whey.

The Gailtaler Almkäse can compete with the best cheese specialities in the world and has already been awarded several international prizes. Its aroma and taste are incomparable. This is because the Gailtaler Senner attaches great importance to quality in every step of the production process: from cattle raising, the keeping of alpine pastures, milking, maturing ... Everything has to be right for the incomparable quality.

Gailtaler bacon PGI

But connoisseurs in Gailtal quickly find what they are looking for. The spicy mountain air and the southerly winds give the bacon a unique aroma after the smoking, which reflects the down-to-earth and robust character of the Gail Valley.

The Gailtaler bacon has been produced for centuries. Characteristics of this speciality are the strong red colour of the lean in deep contrast to the snow-white fat. The bacon is characterized by a slightly spicy, mildly salty and prominent smoked and meaty taste. It is firm in texture but tender in bite and tender on the tongue.

It is available in two versions. Once with a green seal and once with red. The green seal indicates that the bacon was made by rural family businesses, the red indicates the production of Gailtaler butchers.

Here you will find the excellent products of the gourmet regions of the Carinthian Gail Valley.