Genussregion Styrian Volcanic Country Ham

Genussregion Styrian Volcanic Country Ham

In the Styrian Volcanic Region, lovers of culinary delights will be inspired. Styrian Volcanic Country Ham has been the talk of the town for years!

The weathered remains of volcanoes still dominate the Volcanic Region . Where today numerous hiking trails meander through the area, was once a subtropical sea. The volcanoes grew out of the floor of this long extinct ocean.

There was once a time when lava rolled down the sides of the volcanoes in Styria, but these times are long gone. Most of the more than three dozen volcanoes arose more than 2 million years ago and were active for several hundred thousand years before they went dormant. The probability that the volcanoes would become active again is close to zero.

Volcanoes, whether active or extinct, always offer particularly fertile soil. This means that the volcanic country has optimal conditions for all sorts of delicacies and delights. A particular treasure is the volcanic country ham. This designation is term that can be applied to several ham products from the region. These include raw and cooked pork, as well as mutton. 

The maturation of the meat makes these delicacies stand out. Only selected ham from pigs in the region are used for the ham. The meat is rubbed with salt and spices and is then air-dried for several months. The drying time is different depending on the producer. Some Volcanic hams mature up to 27 months. The slow maturation gives them their incomparable taste.

The ham has a yellow to brown appearance and is a tender pink to red.

The fattening of the pigs and sheep and the slaughter and processing of meat must take place in the volcanic country, otherwise it is not considered Vulkanland (Volcanic Region) ham. Compliance with these self-imposed standards is checked regularly and mass production is not allowed to preserve the value of the meat. This is an integrity you can taste!

Meanwhile, the Volcanic Country Ham has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of the region. This has to do with the outstanding quality of the products.