GenussRegion Southeast Styrian Woazschwein

GenussRegion Southeast Styrian Woazschwein

Regional = delicious

In GenussRegion one finds, as the name implies, excellent Woazschweine, which are reared at a special attitude for unique meat quality. The Woazschweine from Southeastern Styria are available as both fresh meat as well as processed products in our shop.

The region

The GenussRegion Südoststeirisches Woazschwein stretches across several Styrian districts. These include Deutschlandsberg, Graz-Umgebung, Leibnitz, Oststeiermark (Hartberg-Fürstenfeld), Südoststeiermark (Feldbach-Bad Radkersburg), Voitsberg and Weiz.

The region is characterized by many autumn Adriahochs (high-pressure areas), whereby the climate is much milder than in Central Styria, which of course benefits the Woazschweinen.

The product

The Southeast Styrian Woazschwein has the finest pork meat quality. Among other things, this results from demand-oriented feeding. Add to that the craftsmanship and knowledge of the local producers and processors, who enhance the excellent meat with their skill and the right spices.

The products include fresh meat, ham, bacon, but also sausages, lard ...

Wellbeing in focus

The excellent meat quality is also guaranteed because the farmers are concerned about the well-being of the Woaz pigs. Each producer is committed to keeping the transport routes for the animals as short as possible and giving the animals plenty of freedom of movement. These and other commitments that producers make are regularly reviewed by controls.

The added value of these products remains entirely in the region since the animals are of Styrian origin and are also fattened, slaughtered and processed in the region.

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