GenussRegion Sauwald Potatoes

GenussRegion Sauwald Potatoes

The Sauwald, a region that many will not be familiar with, is located in the north of Upper Austria, exactly where the Danube has its breakthrough valley that separates the Sauwald from the Bohemian massif, on the Innviertel side between Passau and the Danube loop Schlögen.

The Sauwald is still characterised by untouched nature and straightforward, honest people.

Climate and soil

The climate in the Sauwald is subatlantic. There is rainfall throughout the year, high humidity and relatively even temperatures. As a result, the incidence of diseases and pests in this region is relatively low. The region was already recognised as a potato recovery region in 1948 because the harsh winters but mild summers are perfect for these plants.

In addition, there are bedrock weathering soils. From a geological point of view, these still belong to the Bohemian Massif and were caused by the weathering of gneiss and granite. The soils have an acidic pH of 5 - 6.5 and a high potassium content. The latter is extremely important in potato cultivation because it is an element that is largely responsible for the internal and external quality of the potatoes.

Quality is a top priority

Currently, 12 agricultural companies are cooperating and growing the original Sauwald potatoes. Cultivation is all about quality, which takes precedence over quantity. In order to guarantee high, constant quality, a warehouse with natural air cooling was built, which is computer-controlled and ensures perfect storage conditions. There are also regular training courses for members and frequent quality controls.

In 1990 a guideline for potato cultivation was developed, which also included gastronomy, trade and the chamber of agriculture. The requirements for high-quality potatoes that still apply today include:

  • Growing potatoes in a field only every four years
  • No chemical weed control, this is done purely mechanically
  • No chemicals on and in the warehouse
  • Use of plant protection products only after calling a warning service

So that the potatoes are also well received by customers, attractive, tasty varieties are deliberately grown that meet the current taste.

Why do Sauwald potatoes taste so good?

Now let's answer the question of why Sauwald potatoes are so delicious. This is due to the combination of the many factors already mentioned. The favourable climate in the Sauwald gives the potatoes, in combination with the primary rock weathering soils, a unique taste and excellent quality. This high quality is additionally guaranteed by the measures taken, the production process and regular checks. In any case, the end result can be seen, but above all it tastes good.

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