GenussRegion Ausseerland Saibling

GenussRegion Ausseerland Saibling

The char fish lives in the lakes of the beautiful Ausseerland and is a very special delicacy.

A Special Region

Between the Dachstein mountains and the Toten Gebirge Mountains lies the beautiful Ausseerland. This region is ideal for relaxing holidays all year round. Snowy winters alternate with wonderful spring days, warm summers and fog-free autumn days.

The area there is a unique mixture of water, forest and rock - and that's what gives it its charm. It has a wonderful balance of unity and harmony.

There is one delicacy you should definitely taste there: the Ausserland Arctic Char.

The char belongs to the traditions of the Ausseerland. It is regarded as one of the best-tasting fish in the world. Its firm yet delicate, light pink meat is unique. The fine colouring comes from the plankton that the fish eats.

The Char

The delicious salmon-like fish has a long and slender body. It has a green-yellow colour, a bright throat and pelvic fins with a white hem.

In summer they feed on zooplankton, and in the winter on bottom-dwelling organisms. Char can grow to be up to 40 years old, but that is very rare.

The char are very sensitive to impurities in the water, which is why this type of fish is already extinct in many regions.

In Ausseerland the char population is still strong, which is why we can enjoy this delicious food.