Genuss Region Mühlviertel Mountain Herbs

Genuss Region Mühlviertel Mountain Herbs

In the gently rolling countryside of the Mühlviertel grow the Mühlviertler mountain herbs. The geographical location and climate are far from ideal for growing herbs. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, their cultivation is paying off.

The Mühlviertel is located in Upper Austria, north of the Danube, in the granite and gneiss highlands, between Jochenstein and Strudengau. The name "Mühlviertel" derives from the three rivers from that run through it: the Große Mühl, Kleine Mühl and the small, interesting Steinernen Muehl.

This region has the central European transitional climate. This means that there is both continental and Atlantic influences. Typical for the region are mild summer days with cool nights, sufficient rainfall and a harsh winter.

This climate is not optimal for herbs, however, they now thrive at an altitude of 500 to 900 meters. Far away from traffic jams and huge industry, the herbs grow undisturbed by external influences. With the help of traditional methods of cultivation, the herbs are grown on small fields in controlled organic cultivation in the gently hilly region of the Mühlviertel. No chemical are used.

There are many different types of herbs grown there. One finds both tea herbs such as lemon balm or peppermint, as well as classic herbs.

Why are herbs are grown in the Mühlviertel if the climate is so harsh? 

The answer: quality. The climatic conditions of the region do not allow the herb to yield high returns because the plants grow too slow. However, this also has its advantages. Through the slower growth, the plants store a higher proportion of ingredients, such as phytochemicals. These materials produce a more intense flavor. It is grown according to the principle "quality over quantity".

For this reason, the Mühlviertel herbs do not shy away from international competition. Their particularly gentle drying process also contributes to their quality. Normally, parsley is dried within 90 minutes. This is good for the color, but bad for the flavor. With the help of prudence and patience, the drying process allows as many flavors as possible remain intact in the herbs. For these reasons, the Mühlviertler mountain herbs offer the perfect foundation for epicurean flavors. Let yourself be inspired.