Genuss Region Leithaberg Natural Cherries

Genuss Region Leithaberg Natural Cherries

In Leithaberg in northern Burgenland there are cherry trees everywhere. Especially in the spring, the cherry blossoms make for a beautifuls scene. The small fruits are also very delicious. 

The Region

Leithaberg has an ancient cultural landscape. The city lies at about 400 meters above sea level in northern Burgenland and is colorfully patterned. The region is located between the south-eastern slopes of the Leitha Mountains and the northwestern shore of Lake Neusiedl.

In Burgenland you can find many different types of landscapes all mixed together. The mountains are covered by oak forests, dry grasslands, moors, pastures and lowlands. The wine growers dominate the landscape that houses the majority of the thousands of cherry trees. This changes the region in many ways. In the spring it is visually enlivened by the flowers and their lovely aroma, as well as the bees and nectar seeking creatures that also delight in the blossoms. 

The Climate

This area can be described mainly with one word: hot. It does not have much rainfall and has the highest temperatures in Austria. 

 Lake Neusiedl plays a major role in the climate in Burgenland. Its waters serve as a heat storage facility due to their shallow depth. This prevents late frosts in the spring and early autumn frosts, and reduces fluctuations in temperature. The Leithagebirge mountains also reduce the westerly winds that come along with the rain in the region. 

The Cherries

Cherry production in this gourmet region can be traced back several hundred years. During this period, there were many sweet cherry varieties. Since the end of World War II, cherries have been carefully bred. Today in the cherry varieties in the region are grown for specific uses. They are grown for eating fresh, for schnapps and for canned cherries. The fruits can be distinguished by their shape, color and firmness. Their colors vary from yellow and red to colorful or black.

Today more than 15 different types of cherries can be distinguished in the region. With thousands of trees it is very likely that many cherry varieties have yet to be discovered. Discover the delights of Genuss Region cherries here!