Day of the Most 2019

Day of the Most 2019

Celebrate with us the day of the must

On April 28, GENUSS REGION AUSTRIA celebrates the day of the Most! The highlight of the Most spring is the last Sunday in April for the first time nationwide.

ENJOYMENT REGION AUSTRIA, the largest culinary initiative in the state, currently brings together 102 gourmet regions from Vorarlberg to Burgenland under one roof. Regionality, authenticity, seasonality and the certainty of origin are the core values of the brand, with the aim of making Austria a pleasure to experience and supporting small-scale agriculture.

Among the numerous gourmet regions in the country, a total of eight regions have dedicated themselves to the production of Most. Of these, numerous varieties are provided with a state test number, which stands as a sign of regional quality. GENUSS REGION AUSTRIA concentrates on the production of top regional products and clearly differentiates itself from industrial products. The Fruit Wine Ordinance 2014 reached an important milestone for the Most economy. For better orientation for the consumer, the Most can be divided into extra-dry, dry, semi-dry, sweet and sweet according to residual sugar content, making it the ideal dining companion for numerous dishes.

On 28th April, companies from all over Germany invite to the Most-Genuss regions to get to know the cider culture in all its colourful variety. Selected gourmet farmhouses and indulgence enthusiasts of these Most regions present their fine fruit wines in a sociable atmosphere on the day of the Most and prepare them for tasting together with regional delicacies.

In the following gourmet regions, fruit is refined into must products:

  • GenussRegion Südburgenländischer Apfel (Burgenland)
  • GenussRegion Lavanttaler Apple Cider VMCC (Carinthia)
  • GenussRegion Bucklige Welt Apfelmost (Lower Austria)
  • GenussRegion Mostviertler Mostbirn (Lower Austria)
  • GenussRegion Buchkirchner-Schartner Edelobst (Upper Austria)
  • GenussRegion Hausruck Birn-Apfel-Most (Upper Austria)
  • GenussRegion East Styrian Apple (Styria)
  • GenussRegion Pöllauer Hirschbirne PDO (Styria)

The facets of Most
Most production is already a long story. Already in the Neolithic age, one could have used fruit for the production of alcoholic beverages. However, Most after the Second World War, was out of fashion, it is currently experiencing a renaissance, thanks to today's innovation and quality awareness. With its refreshing light taste, the fruit wine is not only the perfect companion for every hearty snack, but also finds its place in the upscale gastronomy. Thus, the low-calorie traditional product developed over the years to a multi-faceted trendy drink. Because in addition to the production of traditional Most, some companies have specialized in the processing of trendy cider and sparkling wines. In contrast to traditional white wines, most contains 5-8 vol.% lower alcohol content also has valuable ingredients. As a third, the most is the perfect alternative to beer and wine.

Events on the day of the must
Around the day of Most, various events take place in some the Most regions, putting it in the centre of the experience.

In the GenussRegion Lavanttaler Apfelwein VMCC in Carinthia, the Mostbarkeiten-Messe invites you to its 25th anniversary on 3 and 4 May. In a relaxed atmosphere, visitors can expect delicacies from regional fruit growing around the Alps-Adriatic region.

There is also reason to celebrate in the GenussRegion Oststeirischer Apfel (East Styrian Apple) region, where the company Obstbau-Leitner vlg. Niglbauer was awarded the GenussBauernhof on April 28th as part of the "Most" day. This award is given to companies that, through their production, their business and their offer, represent the idea of high-quality regional specialities, which are carefully produced, to a particularly high degree.

In addition, on the 2nd and 3rd of May, the fruit orchard congress 2019 will take place in the Genuss Region Mostviertler Mostbirn. It's all about the development, diversity of varieties and the innovative management of orchards.

Most for home
Anyone can order the refined fruit products quite simply from the farm: The online marketplace offers the opportunity to have the delicious fruit wines from the various GenussRegionen also conveniently delivered to your home.

Statement Margareta Reichsthaler, Chairperson of the GENUSS REGION AUSTRIA
"With their quality products, Most producers play a decisive role in preserving culinary cultural assets, revitalizing the regional economy and maintaining a diverse, intact cultural landscape. Accordingly, Most deserves a day in its honour, in which it can show itself in all its taste variety. The fact that the Austrians rediscovered Most as a modern and yet traditional drink shows that our initiative is on the right track and that the Genuss Regions are doing a convincing job. In the end, not only the Heurigen, Buschenschänke and guest houses in the country benefit from this, but of course our gourmets in the country as well. "