Barbecue Sauces for Great Taste

Barbecue Sauces for Great Taste

Grilling can be lots of people's favourite summer activity, but the quality of the grill experience also depends on the quality of the ingredients. Why did not try Austrian speciality sauces?

In our shop you will find a wide range of delicious mustard variations, superbly matched to not only grilled food but also marinades or homemade sauces. A few of our mustard specialities are:

Organic Fig Honey Mustard: goes with cheese, grilled meat and sauces

Wild Herb Mustard: goes well with T-bone steaks, lamb, venison sausages, and roasts

Wild Garlic Mustard: goes with sausages, sauces

Cherry Mustard: perfect for beef dishes

If you'd like a salad to go with your meal, try Styrian Scarlet Runner Beans. This type of bean is a true speciality of Styria and an absolute must for legume lovers. The scarlet runner bean has a similar taste to chestnuts and marinated with a mix of vinegar and genuine Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil makes a perfect salad.