Autumn Game Specialties

Autumn Game Specialties

When temperatures settle down to a lower level in the autumn and nature slowly puts on colourful shades before the winter wipes out all the colours, our appetite is for more substantial, hearty food again. Isn't it great that autumn is game-season and here we have many incomparably delicious specialities at GenussRegion.

Whether sausages, salamis, pies or finely chopped raw ham, the specialities of deer, wild boar and others are not only delicious but also a healthy alternative to industrially produced meat products. Game meat grows up in the wild in the forest. This means that the meat is free of added antibiotics and, in addition, the producers of the GenussRegion do not need any artificial colours and preservatives.

Excellent Venison

Not only does the deer have impressive antlers but it is also the largest mammal in Central Europe. These days they have virtually no natural enemies so hunters must regulate the stock. Adult deer stags are up to 220 kilograms and can reach a shoulder height of 150 centimetres. The does are a little smaller. Deer feed mainly on grasses and herbs, but also bark, lichen, mosses, acorns or berries.

The classic venison is salted, smoked and then dried in the air. With its fine taste, it is a true delicacy, which is dark red to red-brownish in colour and has a delicate consistency.

Deer meat has relatively few calories compared to other meats. This is because deer meat has relatively little fat. It is very high in protein and contains important amino acids, vitamins (B1, B6 & B12) as well as minerals and trace elements.

Savoury wild boar

If you meet a fully-grown wild boar in the wild, it can quickly become dangerous. The boars have razor-sharp tusks and attack quickly. If you meet a boar on the plate, it is very tasty and delicious. Wild boar meat is usually obtained from younger animals. Because wild boar are constantly in motion, their meat is low in fat. In addition, the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in wild boar meat is four times that of domestic swine meat.

In the online shop of the GenussRegion you will find venison specialities from two Austrian gourmet regions:

The Genussregion Gesäuse Wild: in north-eastern Styria is the Styrian Ironwurzn Nature Park and the Gesäuse National Park. With the abundance of forest in this area, the game find a natural retreat the benefits of which you can taste in the products. This shop offers pies, deer salami and sausages, chili, sugo or a punkerl - in short: simply delicious game specialties.

The GenussRegion Weinviertler Wild: The sustainable hunting grounds around Mistelbach in Lower Austria offer a range of venison specialities that offer something for all lovers and tastes. From wild sausage specialities on wild boar goulash and venison pate to classic deer ham.