Aronia Superfruit

Aronia Superfruit

Aronia products from Genuss Region

The aronia berry is a true superfruit, because it contains around five times as many polyphenols as other berries. Polyphenols are phytochemicals that protect the berry from viruses, fungi and bacteria as well as intense UV radiation.

Where does the Aronia come from?

Originally the chokeberry also called aronia comes from the eastern part of North America, where it was used by the Native Americans as a medicinal plant. The berries grow on shrubs and were cultivated for the first time in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 20th century. , Soon followed by cultivation in Eastern Europe. Today, the pea-sized, black berries are cultivated in many countries.

The shrubs bloom from the end of April until mid-August when the berries are ripe and can be harvested. Along with the ripe fruits, the leaves of the shrubs also turn bright red.

Valuable ingredients

Aronia berries have a particularly high vitamin A, B2, K and C, folic acid, flavonoid and polyphenol content. As a result, these berries have many health benefits. Thanks to the contents, the Aronia berry, for example, offers high protection against antioxidant stress in the human body. Especially the anthocyanins, which belong to the natural dyes (= flavonoids), develop this effect. They neutralize free radicals that arise during natural metabolic processes in the body. Further positive effects can be seen in:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Anti-ageing
  • Stomach, intestinal, biliary and liver complaints
  • Inflammation

How to consume?

Aronia berries are not fresh for consumption because they are extremely sour and tart. Therefore, the berries are usually processed into juices or extract or dried. But they are also boiled down to jams.

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