Are Fruit Juices Healthy?

Are Fruit Juices Healthy?

We all know we should eat fruit and vegetables five times a day. Does anyone actually do this? One quick fix would be to grab a bottle of juice, but is juice that healthy

The answer to this question is a very clear "yes and no". Juice is healthy, under certain circumstances. Juice is not in fact juice. There are juices that are healthy, but there are juices whose high sugar content causes more harm than good.

Fruit - Good for Our Health

Fruit has a positive effect on health and wellbeing. Studies confirm this fact over and over again. This is a commonly known fact. However, we now know that one serving of fruit a day can be replaced with fruit juice.

Which Juice is Best?

A freshly squeezed fruit juice is healthiest, as most of the valuable ingredients of the fruit (with the exception of fiber) are still available in the juice. These ingredients include vitamins A and C, which boost the immune system and act as free radical scavengers in the body. Minerals like potassium and magnesium are also found in juice. These are good for muscles and nerves. Finally, we must not forget valuable phytochemicals such as flavonoids and phenols. Freshly squeezed juice, however, should be drunk immediately, because otherwise light, oxygen and heat impact their healthy value.

Is There an Alternative?

Unfortunately, one does not always have a cider press, which is why it can be difficult to always have fresh juice. What is the next best alternative?
The next choice is directly pressed fruit juice, which is made of 100% fruit juice and no artificial sugars. Added sugar and other additives reduce the healthy value of the juice.

Only the Best Juices

Here at Genuss Region we only provide juices that are made from 100% fruit juice, in many delicious flavors. We offer single variety apple juices to aronia juice to mixed juices and vegetable juices. There's something for everyone!

So if don't have enough time to prepare a fruit plate or the juicer is not at hand, drink a glass of delicious fruit juice.